Peach pate de fruit by chef @m_mchugo. 


  • Sicoly Peach puree x 1kg
  • Caster Sugar x 200g
  • Pectin jaune x 26g
  • Red food colouring 0.2g (sosa)

Mix’s the sugar and pectin together and boil all, keep whisking.

  • Caster sugar x 1kg
  • Glucose syrup x 200g

In 3-4 stages add to the pan and keep whisking and reach 107’c. 

  • White balsamic vinegar x 20ml

And boil again to 107’c and pour into silicon moulds. Move quick when setting the pate de fruit and dont move the moulds till set for atleast 4 hours. Otherwise you will cause wrinkles or uneven shapes.

Chocolate Nemisis.


  • Butter x 150g
  • Dark chocolate x 200g
  • Honey x 50g
  • Golden Syrup x 50g
  • Whole Eggs x 3


  • Melt chocolate, honey and syrup in a bain marie till melted and take off.
  • Blitz in the butter till smooth and cool before adding the eggs also blitz in using a hand blender.
  • Cook 135’c  11mins 3 fan.
  • You can freeze once cooled down and best served at room temperature.


#ChefsEyeChefsTable winner Sean Kelly from @stationroadlochness.


We at ChefsEye caught up with Sean Kelly to ask him some questions. Sean is the head chef at the Lovat hotel, Loch Ness in Scotland. Its a hotel with 2 restaurants The Brasserie side which has a simpler approach and Station Road which holds 3 rosettes with a much more refined style. Station Road can do a 5 course for no more than 12 people as the brasserie can do up to 70 covers a night and all from the same creative small kitchen brigade. Sean has said it can be very tough at times, the hotel has 28 rooms in a beautiful picturesque surrounding. Make sure to follow Sean on Instagram @stationroadlochness.


ChefsEye:  Give one piece of good advice?

Sean:   Work with good people in good places.

ChefsEye:  Who inspires you?

Sean:  Lots of chefs from all around the world, to name a few: Sergio Herman, Jonnie Boer and Kevin Fehling.

ChefsEye:  What’s the worst attribute to have in the kitchen?

Sean:   A bad temper.

ChefsEye:  What’s your favourite dining experience?

Sean:  Lots! Tom Aitkins, London, Marco Pierre White when he was at Harveys, Alain Ducasse, Paris & Pure C, Netherlands.

ChefsEye:  How long do you see yourself being a chef?

Sean:  Until i retire or win the lottery, whichever comes first.

ChefsEye Eating Out @Publiko Oslo.

Bread and butter.


Beetroots, Goat’s Cheese; Asparagus Smoked egg, Hazelnut, Cured Meats; Brown Crab, Apple, Shellfish Broth with Chamomile.



Shoulder of Lamb, Sweet Bread, Celeriac, Onion, Beer Vinegar Sauce; Braised Brisket Croquette, Gnocci, Pickled Onion, Spicy Emulsion, Truffle.



Waffle and Brown cheese; Variation of pineapple.


First of all it was a last minute decision to eat at the Publiko. We were very excited as the restaurant looks like a typical Scandinavian establishment. The menu is very small with 4 starters, 3 mains and 3 desserts with a small menu comes big responsibilities for perfection.

We tried majority of the menu and only three of the dishes fulfilled what was promised. Enjoying our complimentary bread and butter, which is always a nice gesture, we decided to have 3 starters: beetroot and goats cheese which is an amazing dish full of flavor and fresh, followed by the asparagus dish which in no means you would rush back for, average dish at the most. Last starter was crab with chamomile broth, as a lover of crab and chamomile this was suppose to be heaven for me but unfortunately we could not taste neither, we knew the crab was there but it was lost in the sea of random flavors and textures.

For mains we had the shoulder of lamb and we both agreed this is a very good dish and would love to eat this again, again and again. The stuffed red onions was a nice surprise as was the celeriac puree and the sweet bread which was beautifully cooked, highly recommend this dish. Then we had the brisket dish in a potato croquette with truffle, however, only after re-reading the menu that we realized truffle was suppose to be there, we could not taste it and we eat truffle often (funny enough we had truffle for breakfast this morning). Moreover, the brisket was over cooked, mush like and no texture. The brisket is like an “Ugly Betty”, to the lamb dish, no comparison.

Finally, for desserts we had mixed feelings, the waffle and brown cheese dessert left us with a bitter taste in the mouth, very unpleasant and the waiter failed to explain the dish correctly. On the other hand, the variation of pineapple was fresh light and very enjoyable.

So, all in all, it was an average experience,  having such a small menu means the dishes should be executed to the highest standard. Unfortunately, this time for ChefsEye it wasn’t up to standard and we look forward to an improvement for the next time we eat at Publiko.


Food 3/5

Service 2/5

Atmosphere 4/5

Price 3/5



ChefsEye eating out @tukthuset in Oslo.

Bread and alioli.


Cod Ceviche, chili, crispy sweetcorn and banana chips.


As we walked around looking for a nice place to eat we stumbled across this unique restaurant Tukthuset in Oslo city center. It was a sunny day and we fancied just to have some small dishes to eat and the tapas menu here looked perfect.

We ordered some white Riesling wine as we made our minds up, in the end we went for bread & alioli and cured meats and cheese to start. Not the best cured meats we have tried or the strongest alioli but not the worst neither. The next course was the cod ceviche as you can see in the picture above its swimming in the juices something I’m not use to i prefer the ceviche being dressed enough to slowly cure the fish but we enjoyed it. The crispy sweetcorn and banana chips were amazing and the parsley chili lime dressing was nice. Next we had the albondigas (meatballs) which were tasty and came with a rich tomato sauce quickly followed by the patatas bravas, these were nice with a slightly spicy bravas sauce and alioli. The star of the meal was the crispy langoustines with honey mustard puree deep fried and crisp to perfection.

For dessert we shared the cheesecake it was ok nothing special most likely would not order it again unfortunately.

The server Mikael was very knowledgeable and helpful also the restaurant is very modern and bright with big windows to watch the world pass you by whilst you relax and enjoy your evening. However, being a Friday night we would imagined it to be more lively.


Food 4/5

Service 5/5

Atmosphere 3/5

Price 4/5

@chefs_eye eating out at the restaurant “Kullt” in Oslo, Norway.

Rocky Road dessert and side order of port.


‘Kullt’ is a new establishment in central Oslo that offers a modern pub vibe with fantastic view over the harbor. We decided to visit this place on a Sunday afternoon where we had a rustic Caesar salad washed down with a few alcoholic beverages. As we both have sweet tooth we also went for deserts which was an Apple Cheesecake and their take on a Rocky Road. The lunch menu itself is quite simple and has the classics you would expect to see in American dinner.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience and we recommend to pop into this place if you ever find yourself wandering in Oslo.


Food 3/5

Service 4/5

Atmosphere 4/5

Price 3/5