Brandy Snaps.

Icing sugar x 200g
Butter x 75g
Milk x 75g
Flour x 50g
Pectin (x58) x 5g
Salt x pinch

Melt butter and milk.
Hand blend all the ingredients together.
Put in the fridge to rest for atleast 2-3hours.

Using a piping bag or a spoon make circles roughly the same size remembering they will melt and spread so leave some space.

Cook at 170’c

170’c 3fan 0%

Add 6g off cocoa powder but also take away 6g from the flour for a chocolate brandy snap, works with any flavored powder. For a pistachio paste add 9g and take away from the butter, also works with any flavored paste and for a flavored liquid take away 10g from the milk.

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