#ChefsEyeChefsTable winner Ryne Harwick @ryneharwick.


We at ChefsEye caught up with the winner of our monthly competition Ryne Harwick who works at The Hunt Club Steakhouse in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Not only does the restaurant look beautiful, the food Ryne is producing also looks amazing. When we spoke to Ryne he made it clear that one day he would like to gain a James Beard Award. A James Beard Award is given to a chef that has good practice, innovative and to celebrate food, like a rosette award in the U.K.

We asked Ryne some questions.

ChefsEye: Give one piece of good advice?

Ryne: Love what you do or find something you love, but don’t waste your time with anything less.

ChefsEye: What do you inspire to be?

Ryne: A good teacher for others.

ChefsEye: Who is the best chef alive in your eyes?

Ryne: Grant Achatz.

ChefsEye: Why do you enjoy being a chef?

Ryne: I enjoy being a chef because its never come easy to me. Everyday i get to try something or do something that challenges me, working together as a team to get a service out has always been my passion.

ChefsEye: Who inspires you?

Ryne: Tom Colicchio and Dan Barber.

ChefsEye: Whats your favorite dish on your menu?

Ryne: Favorite dish is the locally sourced chicken, we confit the leg and roast the breast, its served with fava, asparagus and peas grown at our farm, and comes with a tarragon jus.


Make sure to follow Ryne on Instagram @ryneharwick for some stunning dishes, also make sure to subscribe to the blog and follow us @chefs_eye for monthly competitions, recipes, amazing chefs and much more.


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