Featured chef of the week…

Citrus and Basil cheesecake.


Beef tartar, fennel and wasabi

Tristan has a real eye for clean and picturesque plates of food, we @chefs_eye really like his style and panache.

We caught up with @tristan_cuisine who currently works in Bordeaux in France,but he will be soon moving to a new restaurant to continue expanding his knowledge.

We at @chefs_eye asked Tristan a few questions.

ChefsE: Who inspires you?

Tristan: Pierre Gagnaire is a really great french chef.

ChefsE: Give one piece off good advice?

Tristan: Be organised and passionate.

ChefsE: Whats the worst attribute to have in a kitchen?

Tristan: Be messy.

ChefsE: Favourite dinning experience?

Tristan: I think i have two my first was with my grandmother when i was younger, because our grandmother are the best chef. And the second one was on vanuatu island i have eaten a typical rice with wild vegetable and i have realised sometimes simple food are the best. Sometimes we don’t need to go in a 3 stars Michelin for have a really tasty meal.

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