Making ice creams.

In the 10 years plus as a chef I was lead to believe one way to make ice cream.

Heat up milk, cream etc whisk up sugar and yolks then add the liquids to the egg mix and put back on the heat slowly to reach 82’c -85’c (depends on the country you live in) This is the traditional way.

Currently I am working with chef who asked me why I make it that way, why whisk the yolks with sugar till white. This chef has over 20 years in a kitchen and his knowledge on the pastry section is phenomenal well he is a pastry chef after all. Then he told me, the whisking of the yolk with sugar before is irrelevant, it breaks down when the hot liquid is poured slowly in anyway. Just add all the ingredients together in a pan.

The recipe he gave me works best in Norway (38%) due to the fat percentage in cream is different to U.K. (48%) In Norway double cream does not exist.

The standard base: 600ml milk, 400ml cream, 170g sugar, 150g egg yolk, 2 gelatin sheets (gold).

Bloom the gelatin and Add the rest to a pan, medium heat and keep whisking slowly to dissolve sugar and bind together, then use a spatula (this stops the foam forming) and heat to the right temperature 82’c – 85’c  Pass and let cool then fridge over night to deepen the flavors.

Also you can add any percentage of chocolate 200g max to this recipe. Remember if you use some spices/powder, I.e cinnamon, cocoa powder just be careful as to how much you add because it can cause a reaction to break the ice cream down and when churned cause icy or very wet texture. We are using a pacojet with this base.

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