Featured Chef of the week..

@alastiar_tan who works at restaurant Olio as a pastry chef in Sydney, pictured with his girlfriend @tramln who is also pastry chef at @nelrestaurant in Sydney. This picture is very sweet.

Tuscany amedei 70% chocolate mousse, yuzu cremeux, plum meringue and toasted vanilla gelato.
Soy milk curd, blueberry gel, compressed summer berries, candid almonds, lemon granita and lemon balm.


As i speak more and more to Alastiar i find out how nice and passionate this young chef is, his life is all about food, dines in some of the best restaurants in the world. We at @chefs_eye caught up with Alastiar for some questions and we must admit how shocked we were with some very very detailed answers.You can find Alastiar on Instagram @alastiar_tan and his girlfriend Claire Le @tramln.


ChefsE: Why do you enjoy being a chef?

Al-Tan: I enjoy being a chef because i love to see the delighted faces of the customers, and also the nature of the job make everyday a different challenge.

ChefsE: Who is the best chef (alive) in your eyes?

Al-Tan: The best chef in the world alive has to be someone who’s food ive tasted personally. In our time of media &marketing, many lines are blurred. I would say the best chef amongst  my limited knowledge & tasting to be Heston Blumenthal. the dedication in search of flavor euphoria is just out ofthis world.

ChefsE: Who inspires you?

Al-Tan: The man who actually got me interested in cooking was Gordon Ramsay, reading his autobiography on his struggles & family issues really relates to me. These days, chefs that really inspire me are Heston Blumenthal – Fat Duck, Brett Graham – Ledbury and David Chang – Momofuku.

ChefsE: Whats the worst attribute to have in a kitchen?

Al-Tan: I would say ego is the worst attribute in a kitchen. Its very important to be humble in a kitchen. I’ve seen many good chefs cut their own personal growth short with over confidence. Chefs must always push themselves in terms of knowledge & perfecting the same craft over and over again.

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