Featured chef of the week.

Giorgio works at “Mies Restaurant” in Mogliano Veneto, Italy. This is where he showcases some amazing talent and passion. Giorgio seems like a very passionate chef and an all rounded nice person, as a chef myself 10years+ I have never met a chef who uses the phrase “establishes a connection between me and the earth” this only tells me that Giorgio really cares.

Burrata, cream of broad beans, paprika and toasted quinoa.
Creamy goats cheese, black pepper, smoked beetroot, pistachio and puffed rice paper.

Today we caught up with chef Giorgio to ask him some questions.

ChefsE: Who inspires you chef?

Gio: Christian Francesco Puglisi.

ChefsE: Whats the worst attribute to have as a chef in the kitchen?

Gio: To be touchy, sensitive.

ChefsE: Give one piece off good advice to a chef?

Gio: Try to learn new things everyday.

ChefsE: Why do you enjoy being a chef?

Gio: I enjoy to be a chef because it allows me to make other people happy and also establishes a connection between me and the earth.

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