Alvin Susanto.

  • 16585102_262319067514075_6156221666125938688_n
    Foie gras coated in dark chocolate, swiss brown, summer berries, hazelnut.
    heirloom tomato and plum salad, zucchini puree, citrus olive oil, flowers.

    Alvin Susanto is a stylish chef with great passion for food.

  • We @chefs-eye caught up with Alvin to ask him some questions.
  • You can find Alvin on Instagram where he showcase his talent

1.ChefsE: Why do you enjoy being a chef?

Alvin: Because for me food are not only tasty but also art.

2.ChefsE: Give one piece of good advice?

Alvin: Keep browsing on cookbook, Instagram to find the inspiration and ideas “you wont have it enough!”

3.ChefsE: where do you currently work?

Alvin: Est. Restaurant Sydney Australia.

4. ChefsE: Who inspires you?

Alvin: My chef at work and other popular chefs that i watch all the time in youtube! For example:Gordon Ramsay, Alain Ducasse etc.

Make sure to see all of Alvin works on Instagram. follow the link above and make sure to follow @Chefs-eye for more inspiration.

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